Documents Validation

Validation of the electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, which ensures trustworthiness of the electronic documents.

Electronic communication is the main channel for information exchange in today world. Companies exchange huge amounts of electronic orders, invoices, contracts and other documents via variety of information systems and email. How to ensure their trustworthiness?

Majority of users rely on the electronic signature, or usage of qualified certificates. For the recipient to be able to accept the information in the signed documents, it is necessary to perform validation of the electronic signatures.

eIDAS regulation defines a legal framework for creation and validation of the electronically signed documents. Along with the technical standards and norms by ETSI and CEN it is unambiguously and imperatively declared how to work with signed documents. A clear manual, how to process such documents, is set.

Common applications usually recognize an electronic signature and inform about its validity. Is such information sufficient to decide about document’s legal validity?

Certified solution by DEFIRA offers complex tool for validation electronically signed documents from whole EU in accordance with eIDAS regulation.