Modern paperless solution

Replace paper documents with electronic ones

Signing portal

Central place for receiving and processing requests for signing electronic documents.

Paperless human resources

Digitization of personnel processes and streamlining of routine tasks associated with the exchange of documents.

Centralization of documents

Comprehensive management and consolidation of access to documents throughout the organization and all applications.

Digital transformation

The digital transformation of society is one of the basic preconditions for successful operation in a digital environment. Therefore, electronic document management systems still play a very important role in companies. However, an important step towards the organization’s transition to 100% paperless processes today is, above all, mastering the work with digital identity and the technically and legislatively correct use of trust-creating services. These are the building blocks of full digitization and the introduction of new, more efficient business processes.

SEFIRA offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for solving the issue of digital transformation in the field of working with documents that meet European norms and standards, have the necessary certifications and are backed by a highly qualified business implementation and service team.

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