Trustworthy archiving of electronic documents

OBELISK Trusted Archive provides complex services for management of documents archived in any format. The solution is based on application of modern ETSI standards of extended electronic signature (AdES) and is fully in compliance with the European eIDAS regulation as well as Czech legislation.

What does OBELISK Trusted Archive offer?

Verification of integrity of received documents and validity of electronic signatures

Assurance of digital continuity of the archived documents in the form of automatic re-stamping

Provision of evidence for proving legal relevance of the archived document

What does the archivation process look like?

The process of archiving in the OBELISK Trusted Archive system is based on general principles of document archiving and legislative requirements for assurance of their long-term trustworthiness.


Basic functions and features of OBELISK Trusted Archive

Automated document archiving by means of integration with source systems

Archiving of documents in any format and their grouping in archive packets

Document accessibility based on broad access rights system

User friendly display and browsing through the structure and details of the archived documents

Possibility to set simple rules for archiving for individual document types

Easy integration with information systems for document management and document control services

OBELISK Trusted Archive On Demand cloud service

Store your electronic documents in the cloud and get rid of taking care of another information system.

Digital archive

Use the guaranteed DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage for long-term archiving of your electronic documents.

Product editions


A solution for trustworthy archiving of electronic documents for small and medium organisations


Complex solution for creation of a central trustworthy digital storage facility

On Demand

Trustworthy electronic archiving as a service operated in AMAZON cloud environment

Want to learn more about individual editions of the OBELISK Trusted Archive?

Demo version

A demo version of the OBELISK Trusted Archive system is operated by SEFIRA in the Amazon Web Services cloud environment.