Long-term storage of electronic signatures and seals

The OBELISK Trusted Archive On Demand service ensures trustworthy archiving of electronic documents in accordance with the eIDAS regulation and their secure storage in the AMAZON cloud environment.

What does OBELISK Trusted Archive On Demand offer?

Verification of the integrity of received documents and the validity of electronic signatures

Ensuring digital continuity of stored documents in the form of automatic restamping

Providing evidence to prove the legal relevance of the deposited document

What does trustworthy document archiving look like?

The archiving process in the OBELISK Trusted Archive On Demand system is based on the general principles of document storage and legislative requirements to ensure their credibility in the long term.


Benefits of the OBELISK Trusted Archive On Demand service

Ease of use

Send us your documents and we will take care of them


We guarantee archiving according to currently valid legislation

Deployment speed

We will make the digital archive available to you in one day

Good price

You pay for what you really use

Minimum IT requirements

Traffic does not burden your servers or your IT

Backup storage

Documents in the archive serve as a backup of your primary data

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