Sign it. Electronically.

OBELISK Signing Portal is a central place for receiving and handling electronic signature requirements for business and internal processes. Ensures automation of the signing process across the organization and allows you to replace the physical distribution of paper documents and the manual signing process by automated submission of electronic document signing requests. This speeds up processes within the organization and brings greater efficiency to them.

Do you work from home, on vacation or on a business trip and need to sign a contract, report, report or other electronic document?

OBELISK Signing Portal offers signing of electronic documents anywhere in one place on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Do you sign a large number of documents?

OBELISK Signing Portal allows you to sign electronic documents in bulk. All you have to do is mark all the documents to be signed and simply sign with one command.

Do you need to sign documents together with a colleague who is hard to reach?

OBELISK Signing Portal makes the document available to multiple users who can sign it regardless of location and time.

Benefits of OBELISK Signing Portal

  • Signing as a service for your agenda systems
  • Easily integrate signature services into existing ERP / DMS / File Services applications
  • Centralization and management of the signing process
  • User-friendly interface for signing documents

  • Bulk signing of documents

  • Signing from anywhere, anytime and from any device

Basic functions and features

  • Registration of signature requests by the selected user(s)

  • Monitoring the status of the document signature request(s)

  • Preview the document and get the user’s consent to the contents of the signed document

  • Possibility to set signature deadline

  • E-mail notifications for pending signature requests or upcoming deadlines

  • Set notifications and reminder requests for signature

  • Support for various signature methods

  • Definition of visible signature

  • Support for most popular web browsers

  • Monitoring and logging of signature processes

Types and levels of signatures

  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Advanced electronic signature
  • Witness electronic signature
  • Electronic signature

Supported signature methods and resources

  • Smartcards and tokens
  • Internal remote signature services
  • I.CA RemoteSign
  • BankID Sign

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