Power engineering

We deliver information systems for the power engineering industry.


Communications in the electric power market

Planning and assessment of electric power production

Processing and visualization of power consumption data

Thanks to the expansion of new technologies, trading on the market with electric power and the structure of its production has changed dynamically. The share of power plants based on renewable resources, the capacity of which fluctuates considerably with the vagaries of the weather, is increasing. Together with companies’ development, the nature of electricity consumption is also changing dynamically. To ensure the efficient use of power resources, it is necessary to harmonize production with consumption. The response to these requirements is the development of the so-called Smart Grid, capable of providing information on current supplies and the consumption of electric power almost immediately.


The Energy Trading Communication Platform (ETCP) represents an integrated solution for the reliable, secured, and fast exchange of business and technological data among vendors, markets, producers, distributors, suppliers, and consumers of energies, or operators of transmission systems. It provides support for processes related to trading on markets with electricity and gas, from acquiring market information, through market data analysis, processing of trades, and portfolio optimization, up to scheduling and back-office processing.

The Energy Production Planning and Evaluation System covers the areas of the strategic, economic, and monthly planning of electric power production and subsequent assessment of facts, and its comparison with plans and the analysis of variances.

The Smart Metering Portal is a sophisticated tool enabling data processing from intelligent electric meters and their subsequent presentation. This portal offers monitoring of electric power consumption for both households and corporate clients. Advanced functions for working with measured data provide details for the preparation of statistics and future consumption modeling, which allows the easy assessment and subsequent optimization of costs. The solution also includes mobile applications for smart mobile phones.