eIDAS and Digital Trust

Replace paper documents with documents in electronic format while maintaining the same legal validity and credibility.

Remote electronic signature

Central solution for remote signing of the electronic documents including secure storage of the signature keys.

Qualified seal

Complete solution of creation of the qualified electronic seal including implementation of the qualified seal creation device into the organization’s infrastructure.

Verification of document validity

Verification of certificates applied to ensure the credibility of electronic documents is one of the basic conditions for document acceptance.

Trusted archiving of documents

The long-term care of electronic documents is essential for maintaining their credibility and legal validity.

Digital mail room and electronic administration archive

The trusted storage of all closed documents ensures the integrity of settled documents on both the medium-term and long-term horizons.

Strategic consulting

Organization’s paperless transition consulting, eIDAS regulation impact study and electronic identification consulting.

Digital trust and legal environment created by eIDAS regulation opens a new era in digitization of the public and private sectors. For the public sector, it brings an obligation to create tools for implementation of effective eGovernment. For the private organizations, it brings an opportunity to utilize a broad potential of unified digital identity and other applications of digital trust.


Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market is one of the most significant initiatives in the domain of building the digital single market. It brings the rule of law, precepts, norms and standards. eIDAS defines how to work with the digital identity, how to create, validate and preserve digital documents. We know, what we can trust.

We offer a family of OBELISK products that form the base of the digital trust infrastructure for paperless company processes and ensure compliance with the European Regulation eIDAS. Our products will enable you to create, process, and archive documents in electronic format while maintaining the same legal validity and credibility as that of paper documents.