Strategic Consulting

We constantly raise quality of the services we offer. Our goal is to leverage the potential of the information technologies for our clients.

SEFIRA specializes on delivery of IT solutions and trust services in EU digital environment. We focus on the implementation of modern paperless solutions for creation, processing and preservation of the electronic documents and on the consulting services. SEFIRA offers consulting in regards to paperless transformation and electronic identification and creation of case studies on eIDAS impact.

Documents processing analyzes and consulting

  • Analysis of the information systems architecture

  • Paperless transformation strategy case study

  • Analysis of the processing and long term preservation of the electronic documents

  • Assessment of information systems compliance with legislation and technical standards

  • Electronic documents process flow analysis

eIDAS impact case study

Subject of the offer is the creations of a case study of the eDIAS regulation impact on the process of an organization mainly in the area of electronic documents, electronic signatures and seals and other trust services. The goal is to identify areas, which might be directly or indirectly impacted by eIDAS and propose certain measures to reach “eIDAS ready” situation in the organization’s processes and information systems.

The main benefit of the case study is the identification of areas/processes and evaluation of the eIDAS impact on the organization by uniform methodology with emphasis on timing and financial aspects.

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Solution choice support

  • Market research

  • Architecture of the electronic documents creation, management and long term storage solution

  • Solution tech specs

  • SLA scope design

  • Human resources analysis

  • Risk analysis and risk management design

  • Information system cost of ownership analysis and operation cost analysis

  • Documentation scope design

Information systems implementation and integration

SEFIRA has broad experience from extensive projects, which included project management, implementation of own solutions and integration of 3rd party technologies. In such cases SEFIRA is in in the role of guarantor for the complex solution delivery, responsible for effective realization and achieving of the set goals (in the means of timing, scope, costs, budget and quality).

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