Information systems

Designing, developing, and implementing specialized solutions to your specific requirements.

Development of information systems

The development of customized information systems enables you to define your precise requirements for the functionality and features of the system.

Draft architecture of information systems

The correctly designed architecture of critical information systems is a necessary prerequisite for their stability and performance.

System integration

With regard to the increasing complexity and cohesion of contemporary information systems, system integration is a key area in the ICT world.

The global market of IT solutions offers a huge number of standard software applications. However, their use does not always bring the required competitive advantage or make company processes more effective. In such cases, the unique needs of companies and organizations are a reason for the customized development of information systems corresponding with the specific requirements of the customer resulting from the nature of their operations.

Innovative IT solutions

Thanks to its extensive experience, SEFIRA is capable of designing, developing, and implementing specialized solutions, and also providing post-sales technical support. We understand well the importance and role of company processes; therefore we do not underrate the initial stages of the project and build upon quality analysis and our own draft solution. We lay stress on the project control and safety aspects of the system. We develop not only separated systems, but also robust and highly available integration infrastructures, including deliveries of servers, data storages, network components, and basic technologies of database or application server types.

Our best testimonial is our many successfully implemented complex and unique projects. Thanks to our extensive and flexible portfolio of knowledge, skills, and experience, we are able to build a tailor-made complex information system with the objective of maximizing the benefit from the support of the customer’s business processes. Our systems are based on contemporary and proven technologies, providing a basis for reliable, flexible solutions built on open standards.

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