Software tool for creating trusted electronic documents

OBELISK Seal is a product of the OBELISK family providing a service of automatic creation of electronic seals or timestamps to maintain legal relevance of electronic documents prepared by public originators, but also by private entities.

What does OBELISK Seal offer?

Providing compliance of processes related to electronic signing, sealing, timestamping, and long-term storage of electronic documents with eIDAS regulation.

Trouble-free verification and acknowledgement of validity of seals across all EU countries (applies to qualified seal with HSM support as a qualified device).

Simple service utilization of electronic sealing and timestamping trust servicecreating trust in electronic sealing and stamping by other information systems (ESSS, DMS, ERP, CRM, …).

Functions and characteristics

  • Support of AdES formats on “B-B“ and “B-T“ level

  • Support of S/MIME (email) format

  • Work with multiple keys (certificates)

  • Storing keys in local SW storage or using HSM module

  • Validity check of used certificates

  • Simple connection to authorities providing qualified timestamps

  • Integration of third-party’s applications using web services

  • Administration of users, certificates, and their mutual links

  • Logging and audit options

  • Setting rights and accesses using connection to LDAP

Integration options

Services may be configured easily depending on specific needs of the agenda or process of the organization. Regular information systems and applications (eSSS, ERP, CRM, DMS, …) may then consume the service of sealing the electronic documents prior to their storage and distribution to designated recipients simply through standard interface of web services.

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