PKI and Certification Authorities

Secure infrastructure for authentication, electronic signature / seal and data encryption

Certification authorities

A key component of the public key infrastructure to ensure internal digital trust.

External registration authority

Issuance of qualified / commercial certificates and issuance of qualified timestamps.

HSM – Secure key storage

Implementation HSM for secure generation and storage of the cryptographic keys.

Digital trust is a matter of the infrastructure

Digital trust and legal environment created by eIDAS regulation opens a new era in digitization of the public and private sectors. For the public sector, it brings an obligation to create tools for implementation of effective eGovernment. For the private organizations, it brings an opportunity to utilize a broad potential of unified digital identity and other applications of digital trust.

SEFIRA can help you in the area of trust services, we can offer a complete solution of the digital trust problematics and solutions of certification authorities, digital signature, seal, timestamps and implementation of the Hardware Security Modules.

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