Certification authorities

Technological basis for ensuring internal digital trust

Cryptography based on a public key infrastructure is one of the most widespread ways to protect users, networks, data and critical business systems worldwide. Digital keys and associated certificates are used to encrypt data and ensure privacy, to electronically sign documents and messages that prove their integrity and authenticity, or to authenticate users and systems and control access.

A certification authority is a key component of a public key infrastructure (PKI). It ensures the life cycle of certificates from user registration and identification, through the issuance of a certificate, to the revocation of a certificate in the event of a breach of trust.

SEFIRA offers to build a certification authority on KeyOne PKI technology and Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services.

KeyOne PKI

The implementation of KeyOne PKI is suitable for complex systems that can be customized to the smallest detail and is designed to handle a large volume of requirements. The KeyOne solution is especially useful for online issuing authorities and their associated registration processes.

Microsoft Active Directory

The certification authority from Microsoft ensures the implementation of solutions strongly connected with the Active Directory infrastructure and is suitable for standard use without great demands on process modifications.

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