OBELISK Products

A complex infrastructure leading your organisation into the real paperless world without the need for substantial changes in your existing information systems.

The OBELISK product family offers trust services for truly paperless operation of your organization. Take advantage of advanced solutions, which are based on international standards and are fully in accordance with Czech and European legislation.



Product providing a service of automatic creation of electronic seals or timestamps to maintain legal relevance of electronic documents prepared by public originators, but also by private entities.


Complex solution for centralisation of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services. The main task is creation and verification of documents with an electronic signature or seal including time stamp. The solution covers a wide range of standard formats.

A complex solution providing correct verification process of electronic documents. The main goal is to verify document’s validity and relevance in EU in accordance to eIDAS regulation.


The solution provides the service of on-line verification of certificate validity within the EU. The solution verifies certificates against the required time, providing the necessary validation data to prove their validity and trustworthiness.

A solution for trustworthy archiving of electronic documents based on application of modern ETSI standards of extended electronic signature (AdES). The solution provides complex trustworthy services for management of documents archived in any format.


The Digital Archive represents the core building block of the company’s paperless infrastructure. The Digital Archive is a pre-installed HW appliance, which provides central services for validation and preservation of electronic documents to any integrated information systems or applications.


OBELISK Document Manager extends the family of OBELISK products by adding DMS functions for work with archived documents and allows quick implementation of the archiving processes not requiring high investments to existing or new DMS solutions.


A tool for integration of various source systems, physical storage facilities and paperless solution related services. The tool offers a broad range of options for managing and monitoring system requirements for document and data creation, storing, management and archiving.