SEFIRA has been a supplier of IT solutions and services for more than 25 years

SEFIRA has been a stable supplier operating in the IT market since 1995. In more than 25 years, we have realized many complex, consulting and realization projects in various sectors. We have at our disposal an experienced team of analysts, programmers, business consultants, and technical specialists. We follow the trends to help clients remain up to date and deliver innovative IT solutions to the market, based on the latest technologies.



We specialize in the development and delivery of our own OBELISK products for trustworthy creation, verification and storage of electronic documents according to eIDAS. We offer solutions for digital transformation of organizations and their transition to modern paperless operation. We provide services in the field of electronic identity, building of public key infrastructure (PKI) and implementation of HSM technologies.


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SEFIRA was screened by the National Security Agency (NBÚ) for CLASSIFIED or NATO Secret level. The result of these audits is NBÚ’s confirmation that the company is a credible partner for state institutions and the private sector, capable of rendering services in the area of security solutions. Most of the staff has passed the NBÚ’s personnel audits.

SEFIRA is accredited by the Ministry of the Interior pursuant to Section 29 (1) of Act No. 312/2002 Coll.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, as the supervisory body for providers of trust services within the meaning of Article 17 of the eIDAS Regulation, has granted SEFIRA spol. s r.o. qualified trust service provider and OBELISK Validator QTS qualified trust service status.