Project Description

Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping, and Cadastre

Realized projects

  • Implementation of OBELISK Trusted Archive

    The administration of documents related to the execution of activities required by law is one of the basic and critical processes operational throughout the whole organization. Every year, ČÚZK receives up to 10 million pages of documents within the area of land register administration alone. Their processing in paper format is therefore now unsustainable.

    For this reason, it was necessary to provide a solution whereby documents received in electronic format or transferred to this format by authorized conversion can be further processed and archived, and documents in electronic format can be easily delivered directly to data boxes.

    Thanks to the deployment of OBELISK products, ČÚZK is the first institution of its kind in the Czech Republic using the possibilities of trusted electronic archiving provided by the existing Czech and European legislation to such a complex extent. With regard to the explicit and controlled work procedures of document preparation, processing, and archiving, thanks to the application of the safety components of electronic signatures and time stamps, the authenticity of the electronic document or its digital format can be guaranteed virtually 100% against the original in the specific time. It is possible to prove at any time that saved documents, whether created electronically or transformed from paper format using authorized conversion, have the same legal validity and credibility as paper documents. This also means that it is possible for many documents to be saved in electronic format only, without the need to store their paper format. The solution meets the corresponding legal requirements and international standards, and outlines further development trends in this area.

  • Implementation and administration of HSM as QSCD

    The subject of the contract were services related to switch of the existing HSM to the qualified signature and seal creation device mode and their operation under QTSP.

The Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping, and Cadastre is a central administration body for surveying and land register of the Czech Republic located in Prague. Bodies controlled by this office provide state administration in the area of land registration and easements, represented by the Land Register of the Czech Republic. In addition, they provide surveying activities in the public interest.

Sphere of activity
State administration

Number of employees
5 070

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