An effective tool for centralizing electronic document management providing basic document operations for source information systems.

OBELISK Storage can be classified as software-defined storage, which is in charge of comprehensive management and management of data and documents. Allows source systems and applications to store documents in different types of storage to consolidate document access across the organization. However, it also offers a number of add-on services through an unified application programming interface.

OBELISK Storage roles

Trust services centralization

Makes electronic documents available to other information systems

Process monitoring and management

Data storage consolidation

Basic functions

OBELISK Storage provides source services with basic document services and operations through a single application programming interface. Service orchestration takes place at the composite end-point level. Individual services can be combined regardless of whether they are synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Download a document
  • Save a document
  • Scale documents between repositories
  • Document distribution to other systems
  • Notification of new document creation to other systems

  • Convert a document to another format

  • Media files streaming

  • Encrypt a document

  • Electronic signatures validation

  • Document electronic signing

  • Document electronic sealing

  • Document archiving


OBELISK Storage offers a clear and efficient interconnection of information systems based on the transmission of messages and requests.

Main benefits

  • Separation of information systems from physical storages

  • Automated document distribution within the company

  • Possibility of online migration from one repository to a new one without downtime

  • Storage scalability from cheap to specialized by the document types

  • High availability support with switching between data centres

  • Ensuring that documents are saved even if the destination repositories are unavailable

Input APIs

Product SOAP based web services

SAP Content Server protocol

S3 protocol

Supported storages

By default, OBELISK Storage stores documents in an internal database, but thanks to several storage connectors, it also allows storage in external storage.

  • Filesystem storage

  • DELL EMC Centera

  • DELL EMC Elastic cloud

  • Hitachi Content Platform

  • IBM Information Archive

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