Qualified seal

A qualified electronic seal is used to mark a document to prove its origin and authenticity.

The obligation to use a qualified electronic seal has become a reality, especially for state organizations, with the end of the legislative delay in September 2018. Acquisition and operation of the on-premise sealing service is an effective way to deal with the legal requirements.

Do you need professional solutions to create qualified seals?

SEFIRA, in collaboration with the PostSignum qualified certification authority, has prepared a solution that, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, offers a qualified seal creation device (QSealCD) held by a sealing person to create a qualified seal.

The solution is based on the OBELISK Signer product, which provides the automatic creation of qualified electronic seals and is offered in three basic variants using a smart card or HSM.



for organizations with a small volume of documents

qualified seal certificate

smart card + reader

1 virtual appliance for sealing



basic offer for medium and large organizations

up to 3 qualified seal certificates

1 HSM module

1 virtual appliance for sealing



for organizations that cannot afford a downtime

up to 3 qualified seal certificates

2 HSM modules

2 virtual appliance for sealing

As a QSealCD, SEFIRA uses the ProID + Q smart card and nCipher HSM to create qualified seals.

Due to the specific conditions of HSM certification, it is necessary to ensure that they are managed and operated by a qualified trust service provider for their use as a qualified resource. For the purpose of supplying the offered solution, the management and operation of HSM is provided by SEFIRA on the basis of a contract with Česká pošta, p. P. As a qualified provider of trust services.


  • price independent of the number of sealed documents

  • scalable performance and availability

  • easy integration of information systems trough standard DSS interface

  • Wide possibilities for further use of HSM:

    • key management for remote electronic signature creation
    • key security for internal CAs
    • database or data storage data encryption
    • SSL acceleration
    • securing authentication and audit solutions

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