Remote Electronic Signature

Sign your electronic documents in a modern way, anywhere and on any device.

Remote electronic signing dramatically simplifies and optimizes electronic document signing processes. Users get hands-on tools that enable them to create electronic signatures in a safe, fast and easy way, using a wide range of devices, from personal PCs to smart mobile phones.

OBELISK Remote Signing is built on certified software technologies that provide electronic signature services for the needs of common agendas and applications (ERP, CRM, ECM / DMS…). Electronic signatures can be based on internal, commercial, as well as qualified certificates, and each user can also achieve different levels of electronic signature – advanced / qualified.

Key characteristics

  • Creating different levels of electronic signatures
  • Bulk signing support
  • Possibility to add a timestamp for signature
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • omprehensive API for connection to surrounding information systems
  • Scalability by organization size and transaction volume requirements

Remote sign process

Remote signing services can be used through a standard web service interface. Of course, i tis possible to add a timestamp from any provider to the electronic signatures you create.

0: Securing the certificate
1: Application authentication
2: Request signing
3: Start signing process

4: Request authorization request
5: Private key usage authorization
6: Generation of electronic signature in HSM
7: Creation and transmission of an electronically signed document

Main benefits

Simplify electronic signing from a user perspective

Process optimization from the perspective of the organization

Signing anywhere, anytime, and on any device

Ensuring greater security and simplifying central key / certificate management

Possibility of creating qualified electronic signatures

Deployment On Premise

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