HW Appliance – OBELISK & DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

The Digital Archive represents the core building block of the company’s paperless infrastructure. The Digital Archive is a pre-installed HW appliance, which provides central services for validation and preservation of electronic documents to any integrated information systems or applications. It combines security and flexibility of the modern object storage DELL EMC Elactic Cloud Storage with the functions of the OBELISK Trusted Archive. A client is then equipped with reliable hardware storage with advanced application and integration functions for processing and preservation of electronic documents in compliance with European legislation.

DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

The DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage is object storage system designed for long-term guaranteed data storage, preservation and immutability. It offers easily scalable and reliable infrastructure with minimal administration requirements. It is ideal foundation of a complex solution for trustworthy long-term electronic documents archivation.

SEFIRA OBELISK Trusted Archive

The SEFIRA OBELISK Trusted Archive represents the logical component of the Digital Archive solution. It is based on the PKI principles and application of the modern ETSI standards of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES). It provides complex trust services for archival of electronic documents in any format and takes care about document’s trustworthiness and legislative relevance and validity.

Main benefits

  • Complex, trustworthy care about stored documents

  • Validation of the electronic documents and digital validation evidence

  • Certified compliance with eIDAS regulation

  • Simple installation and scalability by the Plug&Play principles

  • High availability

  • Backup-less solution

Solution advantages

  • High availability and integrity of stored data

  • Advanced data protection mechanisms including automatic error detection and recovery

  • Data is organized in virtual pools with separated administration and access management

  • Guarantee of immutability and indelibility of stored data based on retention policies

  • Deleted data cannot be recovered even in laboratory conditions

  • Deduplication and data compression

  • Possibility of data encryption

  • Support of NFS, CIFS, WebDAV protocols

Main functions

  • Validation of the digitally signed electronic documents

  • Preservation of the trust and legal relevance

  • Storage and provision of digital validation evidence

  • Packaging – creation of AIP according to OAIS and in compliance with eIDAS

  • Advanced document searching by metadata

  • Possibility to display detail of an archived document, its metadata and detailed validity information

  • Possibility to download a document

  • Metadata input and editing

  • Detailed event logging and logs searching

  • Configuration of system events notifications

Consolidated Digital Archive architecture


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