Paperless HR

Digitize your HR processes and get rid of paper documents in communication with your employees.

Our eHR solution enables you to digitize your HR processes, streamline your routine HR tasks related to document exchange and move closer to the paperless office in HR. Personal contact of the HR manager with employees can be used for situations that really require it.

The Role of eHR Solution

Simplify employee access to and sharing of information

Increase the protection of employees’ personal data

Restrict paper documents and their circulation

Reduce the administrative burden on HR department

Unify and automate routine processes

Simplify the management of HR agenda for employees

The eHR solution is based on the sharing of documents in the electronic files of individual employees and their approval and signing by electronic signature. You do not need to print documents, solve their logistics, or physically archive them. All this while maintaining the same legal relevance as in the paper document process.

An electronic signature, an electronic seal, a timestamp are concepts that give employees a sense of complexity and expectations of future complications. The electronic file, while relying on all these terms, aims at simplicity. Employees, personnel officers and managers are shielded from these things. Documents generated from HR systems are handed over to competent persons. All they have to do is electronically approve or sign documents.


  • Unified tool for working with electronic documents within HR

  • Human Resources interaction with employee in electronic Form

  • Ensuring legal relevance of electronic documents

  • Ability to sign documents anytime, anywhere, even in situations such as a business trip, vacation or illness and from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) without installing software

  • Speeding up and streamlining processes (document handover, control, return …)

  • Constant overview of signing tasks handed over to employees

  • Automatically remind employees or superiors of an impending task deadline


  • Automatic filing of electronic files according to employees and employment relationships
  • Automatic classification of documents into folders and files
  • Displaying documents and working with them according to their roles (employee, manager, personnel manager, super personnel manager)
  • Manual entry of documents for employees
  • Moving documents between files
  • Search for documents by metadata (document type, document name, personal number, company, etc.)
  • Preview of documents in common formats (pdf, jpg, bmp…)
  • Possibility of signing with the use of electronic signature (biometric signature / signature based on internal certificate / recognized or qualified electronic signature)
  • Bulk signature of documents with one click
  • Create tasks for employees and supervisors to ensure the signature of documents
  • Sealing documents and providing documents with qualified time stamps
  • Possibility of using notifications
  • Access to documents according to the links of subordination and superiority and/or roles
  • Setting the status of document processing for different teams, eg for personnel and payroll
  • Definition of custom directory structure
  • Definition of custom document types

Supported processes

New employee recruitment

Changes in employment relationship

Collection of personnel and payroll documents

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