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Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

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  • Study of impacts of eIDAS regulation

    The preparation of a study on the impacts of the new European regulation eIDAS on the operations and processes of the organization in the areas of work with electronic documents, electronic signatures/marks, and other trust-creating services. The objective of this study was to identify areas that are directly or implicitly affected by the eIDAS regulation, and to propose suitable suggestions and measures to ensure the correct setup of processes and the trouble-free operation of information systems in compliance with European and national legislation in force after 01.07.2016. The major benefit of the study was the evaluation of the impacts of eIDAS regulation on the operation of the organization according to a unified methodology, a detailed view of the architecture of information systems, and the proposal of specific measures for “eIDAS-ready” status with stress on the time aspect and financial exigency of the implemented changes.

The Ministry of Agriculture is a central body of the state administration in the areas of agriculture, water management, food industry, forest administration, game management, and fishery, outside the national park zones.

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State organization

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