Project Description

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways

Realized projects

  • Comprehensive digital trust infrastructure

    The implementation of digital trust services was realized within the project of a new highway toll system, which took place in 2019. The project was largely focused on electronization and the greatest possible use of paperless principles, ie. the use of electronic documents in a wide range of processes while maintaining and complying with all legislative requirements.

    SEFIRA’s delivery consisted of:

    • HSM (Hardware Se

      curity Module), qualified means for creating electronic signatures and seals,

    • a system for remote electronic signing at the level of qualified signature for back office clerks, ensuring the operation of tolls,
    • a system for creating qualified electronic seals for sealing outgoing documents,
    • validation of electronic signatures and seals for incoming documents, where the validation of signatures and seals based on certificates from the entire European Union is being done

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic is a organization established by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. The basic activity is the administration, maintenance and repairs of I. class motorways and roads and ensuring the construction and modernization of I. class motorways and roads.

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public transport

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