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Czech Science Foundation

Realized projects

  • Implementation and administration of Grant Information System

    The system administrates the whole life cycle of draft projects, from development and acceptance, through complex, multi-level assessment, up to notification of applicants on project rejection or acceptance and its subsequent execution. The process is controlled by a workflow engine based on OrbeonForms and Oracle APEX technology. It uses reports generated in PDF format using JasperReports technology and they are subsequently stored and administrated by authorized users in the Oracle UCM tool. This also involves integration with the information systems of data boxes and of other state institutions such as CEP, ÚOHS, or the CEDR information system of the Ministry of Finance of the CR. The GRIS project included a draft solution, licenses, development, and configuration of modules and their employment. it also included the support of routine system use for at least four years. The support applies to supplied licenses and services related to system maintenance. The system is currently being used by more than 2,000 internal users and assessors, and hundreds of foreign competitors.

  • Electronic Archive and integration with customer’s information systems

    The subject of the contract was delivery of solution for long term archiving including analysis of the current state of the customers processes, installation of the OBELISK Trusted Archive and its implementation to the customer’s environment including integration to records managemet system and Grant information system.

An independent state institution supporting basic scientific research in the Czech Republic. Within its programs, it provides financial support for scientific projects to both experienced scientists and teams and young and new scientists. In addition, it finances bilateral projects and projects dealt with within European international programs. A total of around 3,000 designers apply for GA CR grants annually, of which approximately one fourth are successful.

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