Project Description

State Institute for Drug Control

Realized projects

  • Modernization and extension of the AISLP information system

    Originally, SÚKL operated and developed the “Automated Information System of Medicinal Preparations” (AISLP) for its own needs, using an Oracle database and instruments. The modernization and extension of AISLP meant the unification of all programs into a unified graphic environment and system extension to work with documents, by adding a module for the administration of contacts of persons and organizations, monitoring the history of medicinal preparation, and adding a module for monitoring European registrations. In general, the modernization of the AISLP system has contributed to a noticeable increase in SÚKL’s work efficiency.

  • ConText for fulltext search

  • Assuring the execution of OID installation

    Data transfer, backup setup, consulting, documentation

The State Institute for Drug Control is an organizational unit of the state, and its governing body is the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The Institute operates in the area of drugs and medical means regulation in compliance with legal regulations and international conventions. The mission of the Institute is to ensure that only high-quality, effective, and safe human drugs are available in the CR, and to participate in ensuring that only safe and functional medicinal products are used in the CR.

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