Project Description

Czech National Bank

Realized projects

  • Document management system OBELISK

    Implementation of a system for document administration and archiving

  • Information system for the CNB Clearing Center

    The basis of the system was near-real-time data processing from the production system of the Clearing Center on mainframes to an Oracle database and the subsequent development of a secured application for other banks. The system was secured using safety SecureID tokens.

  • Validation of qualified certificates

    A service to provide online validation of electronic certificates applicable to ensuring the credibility of documents issued by accredited certification authorities across the whole of the European Union. Lists of trusted certification authorities and revoked certificates are updated automatically on a daily basis and contain information from more than 150 providers of certification services.

  • Expert and technical advisory and consulting on the PLANiS information system

    Consulting related to the option to use Oracle ADF technology as substitution for the OracleForms environment. Basic and more advanced ADF features as well as methodical questions were consulted on. The consultation served as a basis for decision-making on the considered migration of the environment and to acquaint the customer’s team with the ADF technology.

  • HSM employment

    A complex infrastructure for work with cryptographic keys. There are two HSM Thales nShield Connect 1500+ network modules, one in each locality. To support the administration and configuration of the entire network modules use, a server with installed client SW is available in one of the localities, playing the special role of a management server (RFS). For communication between individual infrastructure components, an Impath secured company protocol is used, providing communication encryption and authentication of individual components. The project also included the preparation of application prototypes using HSM modules through the PKCS#11 interface, technical support, and extended after-warranty service.

The Czech National Bank is the central bank of the Czech Republic. Its major activity is to ensure the stability of the Czech currency. For this purpose, the Czech National Bank determines monetary policy and issues banknotes and coins.

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1 415

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