Project Description

ČEZ Group

Realized projects

  • Communication server

    The ČEZ Communication Server not only provides communication with the market, but also deals with part of the business logics missing in other systems. These include sophisticated data transformations and controls, automatic data generation for distribution to adjacent ISs, or provision of information to support decision-making. The business support includes the full automation of market data collection according to the time schedules of trading in real time.

  • Electric Power Production information system

    This information system serves for planning and assessing electric power production.

  • Portal of measured data

    A portal application available from the Internet that makes data available from continuous multi-utility measuring. In addition to the production and consumption of electric power, it can make the measuring of water, heat, or gas consumption accessible (depending on the type of measuring gauges installed). Using intelligent gauges, it brings new possibilities to users in their decision-making on power utilization, since it provides direct communication between the energy supplier and the consumer.

  • DANA system

    The main function of the DANA (Delivery Agent for Nuclear Authorities) system is the collection and delivery of technological data (ca 1200 parameters read at 4-minute intervals in continuous 24/7 operation) to SÚJB using secured web services.

  • Backup station of ČEZ Trading

    The objective was to create a backup station in a distant locality for the work of a number of traders, to support technical switching or recovery of the operation of key business systems in the remote backup data center, and prepare a methodical framework for the transfer of traders to the backup locality and technical switchover of systems to the backup data center.

  • Deployment of the OBELISK Trust Service (OB-TS)

    Developing a complex infrastructure for work with recognized electronic signatures/marks that enables the availability of electronic signature services to various information systems, provides higher safety and central administration of keys and qualified certificates, and brings high availability and its sharing across all systems.

  • HSM implementation

    HSM is a hardware accelerator optimized for the capacity of regular cryptographic primitives. It provides a complete set of protocols for the administration of keys, hardware-supported key generation, and a safe environment independent of both applications and platforms.

  • Multimedia data trusted storage

    The project was aimed on sealing  and timestamping multimedia data created by using CatDV technology. Qualified archival electronic timestamp is being used to ensure long term integrity of the data and its existence in time.

  • ORACLE application infrastructure upgrade

    Upgrade of application servers where, because of the absolute support termination of the Oracle iAS product, migration to Oracle Weblogic had to take place.

  • Registration of ČEZ Foundation projects

    A web application for the transparent registration of applicants for the foundation’s contribution based on Oracle technology for creating web applications (ADF).

ČEZ Group is the most important energy group in Central and Eastern Europe and ranks among the ten largest energy groups in Europe. The major operation of ČEZ is the production and sales of electricity, and related support of the electricity system. ČEZ also operates in heat production, distribution, and sales.

Sphere of action
Power engineering

Number of employees
29 905

Annual turnover
CZK 125.1 bil.

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