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  • Document manager

    FairCredit’s need was to manage the storage of electronic documents, scans of paper documents and their compression so that they did not take up too much space in the target storage. FairCredit intended to solve this relatively simple intention by purchasing a full-fledged DMS, from which it would eventually use a fraction of the functionality. Therefore, we proposed the deployment of our product OBELISK Storage, which provides control of the flow of electronic documents between source information systems and target repositories, which can be further enriched with other micro-services, such as compression of stored electronic documents. Currently, OBELISK Storage at FairCredit manages document storage for connected information systems with a volume of more than 1TB.

Fair Credit Czech is a provider of non-bank consumer loans. Its main mission is to be a fair player in the financial market with an emphasis on the needs of clients, sales representatives, employees and other business partners.

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