Effective tool for electronic documents management ensuring standard functions including building simple workflows.

OBELISK Document Manager extends the family of OBELISK products by adding DMS functions for work with archived documents and allows for quick implementation of the archiving processes not requiring high investments to existing or new DMS solutions.



User perspective:

  • Document search based on different criteria, including document metadata

  • Document download

  • Document preview

  • Work with selected document formats


Administrator perspective:

  • Manual document input

  • Metadata editing

  • Document detail view

  • Research sheet

  • Statistical reports

  • Notifications

  • Approval workflow

  • Definition of workspaces and rights

OBELISK Document Manager offers these function even to documents stored in CAS type storages, which usually do not offer user friendly document manipulation functions like document download or previews. OBELISK Document Manager mediates access to these storages using other OBELISK family products and offers intuitive controls.

OBELISK Document Manager is provided as pre-configured and ready to fulfill typical user requirements. At the same time it allows for quick implementation of enhancements based on client requirements.


Work with documents regardless of the physical storage of the documents.

Quick implementation of user functions without impact on existing DMS solution.

Possibilities of enhancement based on actual requirements.