SEFIRA has once again become a partner of the IT Conference between Paragraphs, which will take place on March 14, 2019 in the Conference Center of the Grandior Hotel in Prague.

The conference will address these issues related to the eIDAS Regulation and the Concept of Trust Service Provisioning, National Certification Authority Building, Personal Data Protection Act and ePrivacy Regulation, and new blockchain technologies and legal intelligence.

The conference will also include a representative of SEFIRA with a lecture on eIDAS and a remote electronic signature.

The eIDAS Regulation and the Trust Services Act for Electronic Transactions provide new ways to deal with legal effects in the online environment. Trust in the digital world consists of electronic identity and trust-building services based on electronic signature, seal and timestamp. The conceptual and architecturally correct implementation of this issue is the infrastructure services available for all information systems and applications in operation. A centralized qualified electronic signature solution built on certified software technology using the HSM module as a qualified means provides all the required remote electronic signature features and offers a perfect overview of all signed documents and acts associated with the electronic signature. In addition, moving cryptographic operations to dedicated controlled areas of corporate infrastructure gives room for the introduction of high security standards and uniform rules for using electronic signatures.

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