SEFIRA became a member of The European Telecommunications Standards Institute and hence will be directly involved in creation process of technical standards, which (along with eIDAS regulation) define uniform rules for trusted creation, validation and long term preservation of electronic documents.


ETSI is independent, nonprofit organization for standardization in the telecommunication industry (device manufacturers and network operators) in Europe with world-wide reach.

ETSI was founded by CEPT organization in 1988 a is officially recognized by the European Commission and the EFTA. ETSI headquarters is located in Sophia Antipolis in France. ETSI is officially responsible for standardization of the information and communication technologies in Europe. These technologies include telecommunication, TV and radio broadcast and related areas such as smart transportation and healthcare electronics. ETSI has over 800 members in 66 countries in and outside of Europe, including manufacturers, network operators, administrators, service providers, research organizations – simply all of the key areas of ICT.

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