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Severní energetická

Realized projects

  • Communication server

    The Trading Server system provides communication on the market with electric power consisting of the exchange of business and technical data generated in electricity sales and production. It is largely a matter of everyday communication with consumers, operators of transmission systems, and markets, as well as other areas, for example the distribution of business offers to auctions, and data acceptance from their assessments, support of the electricity transmission process, and scheduling.

Part of the group is the company Severní energetická a.s. that administrates the mining locality Československá armáda (ČSA) including its homogenization plant and Úpravna uhlí (coal preparation plant) Komořany, and also the company Důl Kohinoor a.s. that operates the last underground brown-coal mine in the CR, and the company Sev.en WT, a.s. which is engaged in mine water pumping and purification.

In 2013, the power plant in Chvaletice also became part of the group by the acquisition of ČEZ Group shares. Thereby Severní energetická Group entered the market with electric power and heat.

Sphere of action
Power engineering

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Annual turnover
CZK 26.2 bil.

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