Project Description


Realized projects

  • Information system CRAFOS

    Development and support of an information system for trading in the financial and capital markets. It is a relatively complex, sophisticated, worked-out, and complicated system in terms of its topological and integration aspects.

  • DECL

    The monitoring and control of Mandatory Minimum Reserves specified by CNB. The construction of an interface for the transmission of required information.

  • RBAS

    The objective of the project was to deliver a stable integration layer aimed at the translation of technologies and to support continuity of trading processes using mainly Reuters Trade Notification Service. In the medium-term point of view, the existing unstable server also needed to be replaced. Project benefits include the minimization of business losses caused by inaccuracy of manual data entry of deals and the acceleration of the whole trading process of these types of deals.


    Providing the transmission of client information from one system to another, and notification using SMS in case of the need for the client to change their password.


Raiffeisenbank offers a wide spectrum of banking services to private and corporate clients. It has been operating in the Czech market since 1993. It serves clients using a network of 130 branches and client centers, and also has specialized mortgage centers, and personal, corporate, and enterprise advisors. As per its total assets, it is the fifth largest bank in the Czech market.

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2 910

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