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    The EDU.CZ portal was developed as an Internet environment providing information and educational services to teachers, pupils, students, managers of educational institutions, and the whole learning society. The supplier of the Internet portal EDU.CZ was the company HP CZ, and the company SEFIRA as its general subcontractor for preparing the system project, realization, and demonstration operation of the portal. Part of the system project involved creating an analysis, definition of requirements, and general design of the project, so that the system met the objectives set by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the CR resulting from the plans of the State Information Policy in education, and from the suggestions of eEurope action plans.

    Within the system project, SEFIRA dealt with the following areas: initial and target state of portal development; portal content; portal realization methods; technology requirements for portal operation; assessment of portal technologies; portal architecture; structure of websites; estimate of consumed work; and draft schedule for the project.

    The EDU.CZ portal realization started with the preparation of a pilot project for regular users of the Internet. In January to September 2006, the News from media, Schools and education on the Internet, Calendar of events, List of publications modules, and Library catalogs application were put into operation and populated continuously with content. In addition, the Advisory center and Advertisements communication modules were also activated. All users were offered Questionnaires; registered users were offered active participation in discussions and Community areas. Together with the portal development, a Search module was developed that enables searching of available information and documents on the portal using simple, assisted, and advanced search.

The Institute for Information in Education (ÚIV) is a subsidized organization governed directly by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the CR.

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