Project Description


Realized projects

  • Deployment of a highly available Oracle Application Server

    A reliable and highly available portal solution has been built, which serves as a platform for the operation and integration of applications. At the same time, an intranet for document management and publishing was created. The advantage of the whole system is high resistance to failures of individual parts with regard to the huge user load, as well as system monitoring and correct functionality with regard to the access rights of users. On the part of users and administrators, the system places minimal demands on administration and maintenance.

  • Application Server infrastructure database migration

C.S.CARGO a.s. is the most important provider of logistics services for the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The holding also realizes more than 70% of the beer transport market in the Czech Republic. C.S.CARGO wants to become a market integrator and, by expanding to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, an equal competitor of global logistics players. The development plan and future expansion of the group also include the group’s entry into the capital markets.

Field of activity

Number of employees
1 200

Annual turnover
CZK 4.3 billion