SEFIRA company became a partner of the conference Document Management, that took place on 16th of May in the City Conference Centrum in Prague.

The fifth year of the conference was aimed on DMS/ECM systems, CLM systems for contracts management, extraction of documents data, electronic cycle of the accounting and tax documents. It will be further aimed on influence of the European and Czech legislative on the electronic documents, mainly eIDAS, GDPR and Czech acts on archiving.

SEFIRA representative will give lecture on the conference on the topic of Remote electronic signature.

eIDAS regulation opens new ways of how to manage legal effects in the online world and creates opportunities to digitize most of the business processes. The trust in the digital world is created by the electronic identity and trust services based on the electronic signature, seal and timestamp. Conceptually and architectonically correct way of implementation of the principles created by eIDAS is the creation of the infrastructural services, which are available for all the information systems and application. For the creation of the trusted electronic signatures by the users it is mainly the solution for remote creation of the electronic signatures. Such mechanism in connection with the electronic identification and multi-factor authorization makes the access to the electronic signature possible to anyone with minimal requirements on the user side.

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