SEFIRA company became a partner of the conference BIOMETRIE 2018, which will take place from 17th to 19th October in Prague.

Tree day international professional conference BIOMTERIE 2018 is aimed on modern trends and technologies in the field of biometry, electronic identification and cryptography. The conference is organized as an official professional accompanying program of the international project FUTURE FORCES FORUM (abbreviated as FFF), which enables and supports meetings of the representatives of public sector and security forces with representatives of the private sector and academicians.

The goal of the conference is not only sharing of the experience and information about actual trends in biometry and cryptography, but even broad public discussion on future challenges and initiatives in the subject. Mainly with regard to the electronic identity of physical persons and modern information and communication systems not only in public sector (e-government).

SEFIRA company representative will lecture on the topic of Electronic signature and biometry.

Dynamic biometric signatures are not a novelty on the Czech market and are used abundantly by more and more companies. Basic principle of the dynamic biometric signature is that not only the graphical representation of the signature is inserted to the document, but dynamic data such as the speed or the pressure of the signature are attached and cryptographically secured into a document. Thanks to that it is easier to validate authenticity of a signature.

Biometric signature itself does not ensure integrity of the signed document and does not record exact time of its origin. For creation of a trustworthy electronic document it is ideal to combine the biometry technology with an elements of digital trust based on the PKI such as electronic seal and/or time stamp.

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